A First Date at Lulu Leads to Sam and Angel’s Wedding at The Cruz Building

These stunning photos by Pogo Photo are a beautiful tribute to Sam and Angel. After a first date at Lulu in Coconut Grove, they were married a year later, just down the street at the Cruz Building. Thanks to Pogo Photo,  Senderey Video, Toss Catering, and DJ Connection for creating a night to remember for these newlyweds and their guests.

Sam and Angel at Lulu

Sam and Angel took a break to be photographed at the location of their first date, Lulu, which is just down the street from the Cruz Building.


“Choose a seat not a side” marks the entrance to the ceremony seating on the first floor at the Cruz Building.


A birds eye view of Sam and Angel exchanging their wedding vows on the first floor of the Cruz Building.


Guests carry a very happy Sam as the post ceremony celebration begins.


Sam and Angels’ wedding guests enjoy some outdoor time on the beautiful Cruz Building terrace.


Sam and Angel ascend the stairs as newlyweds.


Sam and Angel are applauded as a newly married couple as they are about to take the floor for their first dance.

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