Jossie’s Stunning Bridal Portraits at the Cruz Building

These bridal portraits shot at the Cruz Building are elegant with a playful air and perfectly capture a very special time for this blushing bride. Jossie’s beautiful portraits were shot by her brother Ricky Stern of Ricky Stern Photography.


The stained glass ceiling at the Cruz Building provides a beautiful backdrop to the happy bride and her bouquet.


Here the stained glass of the Cruz Building is once again utilized to add richness and vibrant color to Jossie’s bridal photos.


The Cruz Building’s lavish booths provide depth and interesting lighting to this beautiful shot.


In this fun shot, Jossie is fawned over and it is all captured in the reflection of the grand mirror on the second floor of the Cruz Building.


The photographer takes advantage of the natural light in this full length shot of Jossie and her lovely wedding gown on the second floor of the Cruz Building.


This black and white photo of Jossie in the distance with the richness of the Cruz building surrounding her is juxtaposed with the vibrant and much more intimate photo on the right.

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